Mixed Martial Arts vs. Graph Theory

Rating MMA fighters with graph theory.

Modernity vs. Posterity

How do we write for the ages as they leave us behind?

Villon’s Straight Tip to All Cross Coves

Villon was a villain.

For Fuck’s Sake

All words are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Giuseppe Arcimboldo, like Hieronymus Bosch, was several centuries ahead of his time.

— 2010.08.02

I’ll be over here for awhile, trying it on, seeing if it fits.

— 2010.02.11

Blogotheque offers a video of The Low Anthem playing This God Damned House in an abandoned train car, all fragile reeds and tender voices. Lovely.

— 2010.02.05

Live ladies: Cibelle performs Punk da Periferia, Camille (on whom I’ve the worst crush) gives us La Demeure D’un Ciel using only her voice and a sampler, My Brightest Diamond tears down the house with Feeling Good.

— 2010.01.02

We lost the amazing Lhasa de Sela on New Year’s Day. Blogotheque has posted a goodbye in the form of a collection of live performances in Montreal, including this smoldering performance of Con Todo Palabras.

— 2010.01.01

Welcome to the Future, everyone.

— 2009.12.16

I’ve been working up some old jazz tunes with a downtown combo. Here’s a quick read of Singin’ the Blues by the reed player and myself.

— 2009.12.08

David Rumsey has put up a fantastic collection of historical maps overlaid on Google Maps.

— 2009.12.01

For Pierce: ten candid videos from the current St Vincent tour.